Amalgum 2009-

Working in collaboration with another artist, Andee Collard, as AMALGUM, the artist created a brand of chewing gum “Amalgum”. The gum has been produced in several iterations and is intended as a sculptural material. The recipient is asked, via instructions on the wrapper, to chew the gum and then deposit it creatively.

Alongside the production of the chewing gum AMALGUM have undertaken a series of performative lectures and projects; giving talks on the history of chewing gum, the (invented) science of Masticology (in which character traits can be deciphered through the analysis of chewed gum. AMALGUM created a fictional archive of such specimens), and experimenting with the benefits of chewinf by working with a group of teenage mathematics students, working under the influence of a special edition maths Amalgum.

A Short History of Mastication 2010 - in collaboration with Andee Collard as AMALGUM

Happenings Lecture